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Event ID: 41029 No connectivity with Lync Web App

On each Lync 2013 Front End the Data MCU will attempt to connect to the Lync Web App Reach URL over TCP/8061 every thirty minutes, this poke event uses the server FQDN. If the External Lync Web Services is using a certificate that doesn’t contain the server FQDN, a 41029 will be recorded to the Event Log every poke.


Server FQDN is not included by default when requesting a separate certificate for the Lync External Web Services.


During testing I have found this is a noise event and has no impact.


Product Group – as by design


One response to “Event ID: 41029 No connectivity with Lync Web App

  1. Jerome June 27, 2013 at 5:36 am

    I solved the problem thanks to http://www.samuraj-cz.com/clanek/migrace-z-lync-2010-na-lync-2013-cast-1-front-end

    >”Vienna for the MS protocol PSOM (Persistent Shared Object Model), which is used to download content for the web client, but commonly is referred to the Web Conferencing Edge service.I looked on the test server and the port here was utilized. In the Resource Monitor, I found that listens on this port service w3wp.exe. In Task Manager (with the addition of some columns), I found that it is the IIS Worker Process, which serves application pool LyncExtReach. In IIS Manager in the Application Pools I found this application pool, which has a virtual path / Reach.I tried to open this address in a browser that does not show anything, but at the moment I started the Lync Web App component and server started listening on port 8061st Since then, the bug has nezalogovala. I do not know if it was a problem (and if so, is not really good), but at least guide you to look at what component problem.”

    It must be performed at least once a connection to Lync Web App of each Lync Front End !

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