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Expand Windows boot volume

During a VMware VDI project, I ran into the situation of having to increase the system boot volume from a deployed template.

I found that my options were:

  1. Boot VM with a Live CD containing Gparted. Follow these steps.
  2. Connect boot volume to another VM and go through Diskpart. Follow these steps.
  3. Small Dos utility from Dell ExtPart (Works on 32bit OS only). Follow these steps.
  4. Starting in Windows Vista/ Server 2008: Extend boot volume from Disk Management or Diskpart locally. Follow these steps.

I found that ExtPart was the best option working with XP and Server 2003 VMs.

  • Power off VM
  • Increase drive size using vSphere Client
  • Power on VM
  • Open a Command prompt
  • Run extpart [ volume . sizetogrowinMB ]

Example: extpart c: 2048 (Increases C drive 2 GB)

  • No Reboot required.
  • I would then issue an Sdelete script to zero out all the free space to reduce backup size.

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